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Earn a Full Time Income on the Foreign Exchange Market, Even if You have No Trading Experience, No Knowledge of Finance, and No Starting Capital!

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Don't Think that Forex is Right for You? THINK AGAIN!

People often come up with reasons why trading isn't right for them, we'll show you that anyone can profit with our system!

"I don't know anything about finance"

Most profitable traders don't have a finance background either. At VVS, we teach you everything you need to know from scratch and give you all of the necessary tools to set you up with a clear view of financial stability!

"I have no trading experience"

You don't need any! Our system is designed to take you from a complete beginner to a profitable trader with a proven path to success. Our course includes over 100 ultra HD videos to explain each piece of the trading puzzle. We'll be there every step of the way!

"I don't have any money to start"

No worries. VVS Academy shows you how to obtain large accounts from 3rd party sources while holding your hand through the entire process. We show you how to trade investor's money so you don't risk any of your own!

Jahden Nguyen

Jahden is a VVS Academy student.


Josh Olswalski

“Blake has provided an insurmountable amount of value to me with trading on the financial markets. He definitely knows the ins and outs of the markets and has shed light on the mistakes that most traders make. Since I have known Blake he has definitely helped catapult my trading game into what it is now!”

Zachary Bird

'Bird' is an expert in technical analysis.


Nick Masil

“Blake is an awesome teacher! I learned a lot about Forex from him, he keeps it realistic and helps people become consistently profitable traders.” 


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